Online dating tips for recruiters

Whether you’re using Social Media to approach prospective clients or candidates, there are a few things you need to know to start and build a long-lasting relationship.

First, you need to do your research about who you’re trying to contact. When someone opens your message you need to make a good first impression to make sure they read on. It might sound basic but if you get their name, job or company wrong your message will end up straight in the bin. People have short attention span and you’re probably not the only one chasing them so keep your message short and sweet.


Once you’ve caught their attention, you’re ready to give them the full pitch. When you’re networking you need to remember that they are people, not just a name on your list, so building a relationship is key. You need to date your audience. Get them interested in being genuinely interested in them and make them feel like they matter. When you engage in a conversation, be consistent when communicating; after all, you’re the one who approached them so they shouldn’t be chasing you for information.


Building a relationship is a mutual decision so learn to know them to figure out if they’re right for you and allow them to decide if you’re right for them. Whether it’s a job, a product or service, if you’re not confident and knowledgeable about what you’re talking about, you’ve lost them! Be clear about what you have to offer and what you expect in return. It’s not about listing all the benefits your company has to offer but understanding what’s important to them so you can keep them interested. If you’re dating a vegetarian, there’s no point going on about how great you are at cooking steaks, is it?


Thanks to the internet and social media, everyone can find out about pretty much everything. When you’re building a new relationship, don’t forget about your exes. Your date will see the way you treated your exes as a good predictor of how you’ll treat them in the future. People will look into how your other customers and employees talk about your company. With websites like Glassdoor on the rise, prospective employees can hear directly from your staff about their experience. If you ruin a relationship and your ex goes public, people will know about it. If you hide or lie about your past, your date will find out eventually and it will damage your reputation even more. Take ownership of your past mistakes and if you’re genuinely willing to change, be honest about it.


And remember, online dating is only the first step of building a new relationship so don’t hide behind your computer and, when the time is right, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or meet in person.


Happy dating!


The Job Matchmaker

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