How to stay positive after a s*** interview?

How to stay positive after a s*** interview?

This week, I went for my first interview in 3y. I’ve been on mat leave watching CBB and singing ‘Row, Row, Row your boat’ for the past 4 months. Needless to say that my brains have turned into mush!

Took me a week (between naps, poo explosions & trips to the park) trying to remember situations when I demonstrated the skills I though they wanted. The day before the big day I felt as prepared as I could be: CV ✅ spare pen ✅ breast pads ✅

On the day, I woke up tired (thanks B. for keeping me up all night!), dropped off the girls to nursery, worried about how they’d cope, and went to work. Once there, I realised I’d left my mojo at home (or maybe in the delivery suite). I sat on the chair ready to open my notebook full of all the great answers I prepared, but as soon as I got asked the 1st question, the bloody baby brain kicked in! I couldn’t remember any examples (or that they were right in front of me), could barely string a sentence together, 1/2 way through an answer forgot what the question was and to conclude I did a nervous over the top laugh… Cringeworthy!

I doubt I’ll get the job (who knows, maybe they saw past my nonsense) but I don’t care, it was a good experience & I’m happy I went for it.

If you haven’t had an interview or been out of work for a while, your 1st interview will be shit and you’ll come home thinking about all the stuff you should have said, have a good cry and spend the next week checking your phone for your rejection email. So yeah, you’re gonna feel like crap, but pick yourself up and think of the positives!

  1. Be proud of yourself for pushing yourself and giving it a go.
  2. You know what you did wrong. Next time, you’ll get a good night sleep, give yourself a big confidence boost & look at your notes!
  3. All the examples you’ve prepared are still relevant & you WILL use them.
  4. Now you know the questions. Don’t keep thinking about what you should have said, just write it down!
  5. Get some feedback & take it as an opportunity to improve or to think about what is the right job for you.

So fuck it! If you don’t try you don’t get & if you don’t fail you don’t improve.

Lots of Luv x


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