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Follow up after an interview

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You’ve just had an interview and it went well.

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Now you’ll be anxiously waiting to hear the news. 

But instead of just waiting, there’s something much more proactive you can do to show your interest and initiative. 

Follow up! 

Before I tell you all about when and how to reach out, I want to give you my 4 golden rules when following up after an interview:

  • Don’t be a Ghost 👻 

Rule number 1 to follow up: follow up! 

I’m not saying they’ll forget about you if you don’t but a little message after an interview won’t hurt. 

It’s polite and it reminds them you’re the ideal candidate for the job. 

  • Don’t be over-familiar 🤬 

I cant wait to work with u xx


Ok, you’ve had a good feeling with the interviewer, doesn’t mean you’re mates.

Your message should be professional. 

Check your spelling and don’t use any familiar  language or emojis 😊 

  • Don’t be creepy 😏 

Do you have an update? Any news yet? Have you made a decision? Why are you not answering? 

I said follow up, not harass them. 

Don’t turn into the psycho girlfriend who keeps over texting or calling every day until she gets a reply. 

Send your follow up message and patiently wait for your update.

  • Don’t embarrass yourself 🥴 

I really love the job, I really need it and I don’t think I will be able to cope if I am rejected. This job is my life. 


Please please don’t sound desperate and give your life story. 

If you get the job, it’s because you’re good, not because they took pity on you. 

Got it?

Now let me tell you when and how to follow up: 

The day after your interview 

Head to LinkedIn and send a connection request to everyone you’ve met in your interview, if you’re not already connected to the recruiter add them too.

Write them a short message to thank them and reiterate your interest. 

Good morning/afternoon {{Name}}

I wanted to send a little note to thank you for taking the time to {{meet with me/arrange an interview for me}} on {{Date}}.

I have really enjoyed meeting {{Interviewers’ Names}}. {{Projects you discussed / things the company is launching}} sounds great and I’d love to be a part of it. 

I hope I’ve convinced you that I would be an asset to {{Company}}

If there is anything you would like to discuss further with me, feel free to contact me on {{Phone Number}}

I look forward to hearing from you. 

{{Your Name}}


Send this and wait patiently for your outcome. 

You did ask them during the interview when you’ll hear back, right?

If you didn’t, add this to your message above:

One thing we didn’t discuss when we met is your timeline. When can I expect to hear back with {{an outcome / the next steps}}?

Now you can wait…

The day after you should have heard back

They told you they’d get back to you and didn’t… 

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They probably have a good reason: too busy,on holidays, haven’t made a decision yet, completely forgot about you…

You’re in your right to chase. 

For this one, go to the recruiter rather than the hiring manager. 

Hi {{Name}}

I attended an interview on {{Date}} with {{Interviewers’ Names}} for the role of {{Job Title}}

From our conversation, I understand that you were hoping to make a decision by {{Date}}.

Do you have any updates for me?

Thanks a lot, 

{{Your Name}}

Give it a few days…

A week after you should have heard back

Are they ignoring you or what? 

Time to get back to the top of the recruiter’s inbox

Hi {{Name}}

I just wanted to follow up on last week’s email. 

I was expecting to receive an outcome after my interview for the role of {{Job Title}} by {{Date}}.

Is there any news on my application?

Thanks a lot, 

{{Your Name}}

Now is also a good time to chase the interviewer again. 

Hi {{Name}}

Hope you are well. 

We met on {{Date}} to discuss the role of {{Job Title}}. I am getting in touch to find out if there are any updates on my application. 

I just want to reiterate my interest in joining {{Company}}, the role sounds like a great opportunity to {{solve their problem, work on an exciting project, etc.}}

If you need to contact me, I’m available on {{Phone Number}}

Looking forward to speaking to you. 

{{Your Name}}

That’s it. 

You’ve chased both the recruiter and the interviewer a couple of times. Now leave it. 

They’ll get back to you, or not, when they’re ready. 

Keep applying for other roles… 

And if they get back to you after you found another job, you’ll decide if they deserve you.

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