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Flexible working | 3 ways to achieve a better work-life balance

After almost 2 years of juggling endless Zoom meetings, homeschooling and banana bread making, you’d expect working flexibly to be a given.  But still, for many employers, flextime and remote work aren’t the norm.  So, what is flexible working? The options are endless… Work less hours (AKA part-time)Job sharing with someoneStart and finish times that…

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3 tips you haven’t heard to prepare for a video interview

With the majority of office workers working remotely, having to take a day off to attend an interview in your (hopefully) future work location has become a thing of the past.  And with this, we’re seeing an increase of pre-recorded interviews becoming part of the screening process.  Companies will usually use software like HireVue or…

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The EASY way to give your CV a makeover

With the pandemic, did you know what recruitment teams had shrunk?  And at the same time, unemployment in the UK is now at 5% and more people than ever are applying for jobs.  There are less people doing the hiring and record high applying. Sounds like a recipe for disaster!  What this means is that…

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3 steps to put your job search on autopilot

Does looking for jobs feel like a full time job? When you set your mind on finding a new job, it’s tempting to check if there’s anything new every day, a few times a day.  On the first day of your search, you might get overwhelmed by the amount of jobs you want to apply…

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10 CV writing tips to get an interview

6 seconds… That’s the average time a recruiter will spend looking at your CV.  If you want a chance to get through to the next stage you’ve got to: Not get eliminated in the first 6 secondsCatch their attention with the information they’re looking for Sounds simple enough… Don’t get disqualified The first thing you…

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5 toxic interviewer personalities and how to deal with them

Interviews are a common way for employers to assess a candidate’s match for a role. But they are also the best way for candidates to decide if they’d like to work there.  They don’t always go to plan. Sometimes it’s on you but other times it’s because the interviewer is behaving badly.  Job interviews are…

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