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3 reasons not to pick up when a recruiter calls

You’ve applied for a few jobs and suddenly your phone rings… could this be a recruiter for one of the jobs?  Should you pick up?  If you do.. the conversation will go this way. Recruiter: Hi it’s Paul from ImTalkin2FastForU2Understand, I’m calling about the job you’ve applied for. Is it a good time to talk? […]

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6 steps to negotiate a shorter notice period

Congratulations! You’ve been offered a new job.  That’s great.  Chances are, your new employer will be really excited about having you on board and will ask you to start with them as soon as possible.  What should you do when your notice period is longer than the start date they’re proposing.  Don’t panic! It’s common […]

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How to answer: Why did you leave your job?

If you’re job free and looking for your next role, you’ll expect and be dreading this question: Why did you leave your job? Most of the time you’ll be asked for your reason for leaving when you apply for the job, in the application form or during the screening, but you can also hear this […]

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How to follow up after receiving an interview rejection email?

Thank you for your time attending an interview with us. I regret to inform you that… Yes, that’s it! The interview rejection email has landed in your inbox. You didn’t get the job… When you hear that you haven’t secured your dream job, you’ll be disappointed. It’s normal!  Take some time to digest the news. […]

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How to master the STAR interview technique?

According to recruitment experts (or anyone who has ever sat in an interview), past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour.  This means that most interviewers will ask behavioural (AKA competency or skills based) questions.  In short, they want to hear an example of something that happened to determine how you’d act in a […]

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How to write a powerful personal statement?

Did you know that recruiters spent on average 6 seconds looking at a CV? That’s it. Sorry, I know you spent hours working on it but no one will read the whole thing.  Instead, they’ll probably just look at your personal statement and your current or most recent job.  You need to use those 6 […]

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