LYJ Programme

As a Job Matchmaker I strongly believe that everyone deserves a job they love.

  • Is your job is sucking the life out of you, making you feel miserable, and even sick sometimes ?
  • Do you feel like your boss doesn’t appreciate your work?
  • Is your job stressing you out? Or it is not challenging you anymore?

If you’re fed up with being overwork, underpaid, disrespected, or just ready for your next stage in your career, the LuvYourJub Programme is for you.

Maybe you’re not sure where to start with your search. You know you need to update your CV but are not sure where to start. And where do you look for jobs? You find it hard to stay to stay motivated when you’re no one is responding to your applications and the only replies you’re getting are rejections. Or maybe you’re a anxious about having an interview, you haven’t had one in a while… And what if you get an offer? You’ll have to negotiate, quit, change your routine, meet new people. You might as well give up now, it’s too much hassle.

But remember why you’re here, YOU deserve a job you love and all this effort will be worth it. The programme has been designed to help you find a job you love. I won’t find you a new job, write your resume or send job applications for you, nor be behind you in the interview to give you all the right answers, it’s up to YOU!

In the LuvYourJob programme you will learn how to:

  • Build your personal brand; make the most of your CV and social media and market yourself
  • Interview like a pro; prepare for the big day, smash your interview and get ready for the next step
  • Get the job you love; gracefully receive the offer, close the deal and move on

You’ll get the tools and, more importantly, the confidence, to start an effective job search. You’ll be prepared for your interview and able to take rejection as an opportunity to learn and improve. You’ll be confident negotiating an offer and leave your current job behind to start a job that will make you happy and fulfilled.

You won’t even be stressed about your current job as you know you have a choice! You’ll get your confidence and energy back and be exited about the opportunity to do something new.

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