The LYJ Programme

Do you find searching for a job a bit overwhelming?

Girl, you’re not alone!

I’m Laetitia, I’m a corporate recruiter who’s decided to leave the 9-5 behind to spend more time with my kids and do what I really love: helping women find their dream job!

I strongly believe that everyone deserves a job they love and I work with early and mid-career women who have fallen out of love with their job or are out of the workplace and don’t know how to get started with their job search. 

  • Are you getting confused by all the advice on the internet?
  • Do you keep finding excuses not to start looking for a new job?
  • Are you not sure where to start to update your CV?
  • Have you got no idea how to make the most of LinkedIn?
  • Do you not know where to look for a job?
  • Do you apply for jobs but keep getting rejected?
  • Are your interviewing skills a bit rusty or had a disastrous last interview?
  • Do you want to negotiate a better offer / part time / flexible work but are scared to ask?

Then, I’ve got something for you…


The LYJ Programme is a 5 weeks course packed with exclusive content, advice, challenges, worksheets and templates to help you get a job you love.

I know that when you look for recruitment advice on the internet there is too much information, most of it is frankly boring and it contradicts itself, making it even more confusing. That’s why I’ve put all the best tips in one place and made it simple, light (with the occasional swear word) and fun (at least I find it funny). 

When you complete the course, you’ll have the tools and, more importantly, the confidence, to start an effective job search. You’ll be prepared for your interview and able to take rejection as an opportunity to learn and improve. You’ll have the skills to negotiate a job offer and be ready to leave your job behind and start a new adventure that will make you happy and fulfilled.


I’ve designed the course based on my experience as a recruiter and a job seeker to teach you how to master your job search in as little as 5 weeks. 

Here’s the plan:

  • Week 1

    We’ll give your CV a makeover.

  • Week 2

    We’ll rebrand your LinkedIn and Social Media profiles.

  • Week 3

    We’ll learn how to apply for jobs effectively.

  • Week 4

    We’ll prepare you to interview like a pro.

  • Week 5

    We’ll get this dream job of yours.

Looking for your dream job is a job in itself.

I’m taking the guesswork out of job hunting to give you a clear path to nail your job search. 

Think about me as your job matchmaker.

For 5 weeks, I’ll be with you every step of the way and give you all my best tips and tools to find your dream job. 

Are you ready to take control of your career? 


When you join the LYJ Programme you’ll get:

  • My best job search tips and tricks delivered to you by email to help you through your sob search, from your application to handing in your notice.
  • 5 weeks of unlimited email support to answer any questions you have.
  • A comprehensive worksheet and checklist to create an amazing CV from scratch,
  • A 5 days challenge to boost your LinkedIn,
  • Cheat sheets to know everything you need to know about applying and interviewing for your dream job,
  • My job search tracker to keep an eye on your applications,
  • Templates to follow up after your interview, receive your offer and give your notice,

And if you sign up now, as a BONUS I’ll give you a basic CV review* with personalised feedback and tips on your:

  • Personal statement
  • Most recent job
  • Structure and formatting
  • Spelling and grammar

Do the maths…

  • 5 weeks with a Career coach costs anything between £500 to £1,000.
  • A CV review can cost between £50 to £100.
  • Templates, challenges, checklists you can probably find for free after hours searching through the internet.

And I’m giving you all that for just

* to claim within 12 weeks of purchase

But hurry, you only have



  hours  minutes  seconds


the LYJ Programme closes its doors.


Here is what my clients are saying about the course:


I found the CV tips and tricks really valuable! I have been much more active on LinkedIn (commenting, not just a lazy like) and I am actively pursuing intro messages – something I have never dared to do before! Thank you for giving me that push I needed.


I love it and I hope this shows by me achieving an interview, it’s down to your excellent work.  You should be so proud your strategies work.


I’ve never used LinkedIn and the thought of going on there scared me and I didn’t think I had enough experience to even be on there. So within a week I now have a profile and over 30 connections!!! Why didn’t I do it sooner!!

You know you want it.


Why should you work with me?

I’m an experienced corporate recruiter with over 10 years of recruitment experience in agencies and big organisations in the UK. During this period, I have changed jobs six times so it’s fair to say I know a thing or two about the recruitment world both from a candidate and a recruiter’s perspective. 

I regularly coach friends, family, colleagues and clients and support them with their job search, from helping them build an eye catching CV, to giving them tips to prepare for their interview and advising them when it’s time to negotiate a job offer. 

I know that looking for a new job is scary and overwhelming but I’ve had enough of seeing women stay in a job that makes them miserable because they don’t know how to start their search. I’m also fed up with the confusing and dull recruitment tips you find online. As if looking for work wasn’t boring enough! I launched and the LuvYourJob social pages to make job tips simpler, lighter, easy to understand and implement.

Now I’m taking it a step further and am offering a one stop shop with all my best tips to help you master your job search from start to finish: the LYJ Programme!

So if you’re looking for someone who will give you practical advice, tools and tips to get your dream job when you are ready for it rather than an expensive and time consuming career coach, I’m your woman!

Is it right for you?

I don’t know. You tell me.

Are you:
– Full of ambition but feel too inexperienced to go for a bigger job?
– In a job that makes you miserable but think you owe them for giving you ‘part-time’?
– The kind of girl who’s constantly being passed over for promotion and never complains about it?
– Becoming part of the furniture after 10 years in the same company and ready for a change but your interviewing skills are a bit rusty?
– In the wrong job, wanting to change your career and unsure how to get your dream job without experience?
– On a ‘break’ from work, looking after kids, relatives or yourself, and worried that the gap in your CV will prevent you from getting a job?
– A business owner who’s not making enough money to live from it and want to transition to a regular job with a top up of side hustle?
– Being made redundant and having to get your ass in gear to find a new job?

Then I can help you transition from where you are to your dream job by coaching you through every step from creating an eye catching CV to smashing your interview and starting your new job.

Can I help with your CV?

Without a good CV, there is no interviews. And without an interview, there is no new job!

I know that writing a CV can be a frustrating process and it’s ok to ask for help.

Do you need help preparing for your interview?

Whether you just want to know what questions to prepare or want a 1 to 1 session with me to get ready for an interview, I’d love to help.